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Delivering Effective Climate Action 2030

Delivering Effective Climate Action 2030

Local Authorities have for considerable time been taking a range of actions across all functions and services to tackle climate change and have unique capabilities that Ireland needs to deliver on a wide range of climate policy objectives, as outlined in 'A Profile of Local Government Climate Actions in Ireland (2020)'. The sector has a breadth of technical expertise, experience and networks to develop and deliver compelling strategies and solutions for low carbon towns, cities and regions. These capabilities will also underpin climate adaptation to ensure our places are more resilient to climate change and to identify innovative opportunities and possibilities to reimage our cities and counties that better serve our communities into the future.

Delivering Effective Climate Action 2030

To build on these capabilities, and to deliver on the ambition of the Climate Action Charter, the County and City Managers Association (CCMA) published their strategy in April 2021 for delivering on the Climate Action Charter and the National Climate Action Plan - Delivering Effective Climate Action 2030.

Vision & Mission

The Strategy provides the sectoral Vision and Mission that will help to build on the existing expertise and experience within Local Authorities and coordinate future work to maximise the leadership role and impact on climate action locally, regionally and nationally. The Strategy was developed on foot of work carried out by staff in the four CAROs and the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) on behalf of, and in consultation with, the County and City Management Association’s Environment Climate Change and Emergency Planning (CCMA ECCEP) Committee and the National Local Authority Climate Action Steering Group.
The vision of local government is to levearge the capability, reach and resources of local authorites to effectively address climate change across Ireland.
The Strategy provides a roadmap with solid objectives for local authorities to work towards maximising their collective impact on Ireland's national climate targets.
Over the lifetime of this strategy to 2030, the mission of the sector is to deliver transformative change and measurable impacts on climate change across our cities and counties and within our own organisations.

Strategic Goals

Under Delivering Effective Climate Action 2030 - local authorities are committed to an ambitious set of shared strategic goals and key objectives.
These shared strategic goals and key objectives build on the ambition local authoriteis have to address the climate challenge in their actions and to advocate for climate action and behavioral change among citizens contained in the Local Authority Climate Action Charter. The CAROs will help coordinate and support local authorities in delivering the Strategy.

CARO role in Delivering Effective Climate Action 2030

The CAROs will support Local Authorities deliver the strategic goals and objectives that will be underpinned by the following set of principles:
  1. Setting and, where necessary, reframing, objectives and targets in line with the latest science, national climate policy and international agreements, such as the Paris Agreement
  2. Ensuring that everyone who lives, works and studies within the local authority area is supported and incentivised to engage in climate actions through appropriate infrastructure, and is provided with clear communications, as well as coherent regulations and standards
  3. Ensuring that local authority decisions and City and County Development Plans are climate-proofed and that development plans contribute to wider sustainable development goals (social, environmental and economic)
  4. Look for opportunities to address climate change across the full range of services provided by local authorities, with a particular focus on land-use planning, nature-based solutions, retrofitting of social housing stock and sustainable transport.
  5. Ensuring that a ‘just transition’ is at the heart of our approach and it is inclusive of everyone, young and old
  6. Monitoring progress and ensuring that evidence, data and guidance are provided by and sought from independent experts and international best practice.