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Dublin EV Project

Dublin EV Project

In 2019, the Dublin CARO and Smart Dublin convened a new regional EV group between the 4 Dublin LAs.

The purpose of the group was:
  1. To exchange fleet information between LAs on transitioning to EV or other low emission vehicles and;
  2. To exchange plans for EV charging infrastructure in their jurisdictions.
After the 4 Dublin LAs identified the need for an EV charging network to support EV uptake, a market sounding exercise undertaken in July 2019 concluded that there was the need for a strategic overview of the region to identify the infrastructure requirement and number of chargers needed.

Project Aims

The study aims to develop an ambitious but deliverable overarching EV charging strategy for the whole Dublin region, and will include:
  • Recommended rollout of EV infrastructure from 2020 to 2030
  • Recommendations for approach to the rollout of EV infrastructure in terms of procurement, partnerships, customer offer etc.
  • Risks and constraints
  • Next steps to realise the required infrastructure deployment
The strategy will be based on detailed EV uptake modelling and geospatial analysis of the future public charging demand across the region. The project will consider specific user groups and their charging needs (vans, car clubs, private cars etc.) as well as the full range of charging types;
  • Home on street residential charging
  • En-route charging (typically at service stations)
  • Destination charging (car parks, supermarkets, hotels etc)
  • Workplace charging
The strategy will consider all available charging technologies, e.g. rapid (standalone and hubs), fast chargers, innovative on street chargers (pop-up etc) car park solutions.
The project steering group comprises members of the Climate Action Regional Office, Dublin City Council, South Dublin County Council, DĂșn Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Fingal County Council and Smart Dublin.  The project manager will be Fingal County Council.

Project Work Packages

The graphic below summarises the work packages of this project.

Tender Details

A tender process was initiated by Fingal CC in December 2019 on behalf of the 4 Dublin LAs to undertake this strategy.

A contract notice was published on e-Tenders on 13th December 2019 using the Open Procedure non-OJEU for Consultancy services to prepare a strategy for EV charging infrastructure for the four Dublin local authorities. Tenders were received from eleven bidders before the closing date of 15th January 2020. The tender submitted by Element Energy Ltd, Suite 1, Bishop Bateman Court, Thompson’s Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8AQ, United Kingdom was assessed as the most economically advantageous tender (MEAT).