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Climate Ireland

Climate Ireland

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Climate Ireland is Ireland’s Climate Information Platform (ICIP) that provides a one-stop web-based resource of climate and adaptation information that is specifically designed to facilitate climate adaptation decision making in Ireland.
The platform provides informational support and advice, including climate data and projections, information on climate adaptation policy, a range of case studies and adaptation tools, a glossary, as well as access to reports, information on upcoming events and other relevant news.
  • Enhancing knowledge and raising awareness;
  • Providing information required for climate adaptation;
  • Facilitating decision-making for adaptation.
Various tool, resources and practical how-to guides are also available to support government departments and agencies,  local authorities, businesses, as well as the general public to adapt to the inevitable consequences of climate change.
Climate Ireland also provides tailored advice, training and workshops bringing together key stakeholders groups that are responsible for addressing the challenges that climate change brings to Ireland.
Climate Ireland has supported the CARO and the local authorities to develop the Climate Action Training Programmes for the sector, informed the adaptation strategies and are continuing to work with the sector to support the implementation of adaptation actions.

The Climate Ireland Website site can accessed here.