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Project Development Funding

Project Development Funding

Project development funding streams help to advance the capacity of local authorities, community groups, private sector organisations and other stakeholders to advance climate projects. The activities matched to this funding include policy support projects, feasibility studies, pilot projects and other climate technologies and initiatives. A variety of the funding streams also provide for cross- border collaboration, which brings the added value of sharing experiences of existing and emerging best practice, both across Ireland and at European level.
National Funding for Project Development

Climate Enterprise Action Fund
The fund is administered by Enterprise Ireland, will help businesses take action to drive down their emissions and embed sustainability in how they work.

The grant will assist companies at an early stage of exploring climate and sustainability to develop a high-level company action plan, which will enable them to measure their carbon footprint and identify projects leading to reduced emissions and greater resource efficiency (for example, energy, water, materials).  It will also assist more advanced companies to develop comprehensive multi-annual business plans with climate change and sustainability actions integrated into the company’s overall strategy.

IDA Ireland GO Green
The IDA Ireland GO Green Business Offers supports IDA clients to adopt green business principles that increases  environmental efficiencies and competitiveness along with an increased awareness of environmental issues and sustainability.
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Project Assistance Scheme
The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Project Assistance Scheme is a grant for businesses and public sector bodies with annual energy bills over €250,000. 

The grant can assist in developing projects to reduce energy consumption and costs and to build good procurement practices. It applies for energy saving projects associated with buildings, industry, commercial operations, transport and utility services. Utilisation of this grant also results in enhanced reputation for the organisation, improved competitiveness, improved engagement with employees on energy efficiency and an ability to divert incurred savings to other activities.
SEAI Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme
The SEAI Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme allows energy suppliers or distributors who sell large amounts of energy e.g. electricity, gas and solid fuel to offer supports to make homes or businesses more energy efficient.
Pobal - Government Supporting Communities manages  funding and provides support for communities and local agencies under circa 25 programmes in the areas of social inclusion and equality, inclusive employment and enterprise, and early learning and care.

LEADER aims to strengthen the rural economy and to improve the quality of life in rural areas. It's focus is to deliver on the key principles of innovation, sustainability, social inclusion and economic viability and links with other organisations.  LEADER can make a significant contribution to sustaining the rural economy, communities and the environment through economic growth, job creation and the sustainable use of local and natural resources.
Community Environment Action Fund
Community Environment Action Fund – Local Agenda 21 (LA21) aims to deliver at a local level on the UN sustainability commitment.  It assists small-scale local environmental projects which are delivered through partnership between local authorities and local community groups, schools and environmental NGOs.

To avail of funding the projects need to support and compliment local and national environmental policies  on waste, biodiversity, climate change, air, water and sustainable development.

Local authorities are required to provide an equivalent amount of funding to successful projects as those provided by the LA 21 Fund.
Community Water Development Fund
Community Water Development Fund works to foster the involvement of community and voluntary groups who want to get involved in the protection and restoration of clean and healthy waters in their local area. Improvements in water quality in turn benefits our health and well-being, wildlife and the local economy. It is also applicable to rivers/lake trusts and catchment partnerships who tend to adopt a wider catchment-based approach.
The types of projects considered for funding will include: 
1) Capital projects such as restoration/habitat conservation/natural flood mitigation measures.
2) Projects that promote public awareness/education and events such as biodiversity days, training workshops, surveys and plans, etc and;
3) General amenities such as beach cleans, improving amenity areas, bird watching facilities, etc.
European Funding for Project Development

ELENA - European Energy Assistance provides grants for technical assistance for the implementation of energy efficiency, distributed renewable energy and urban transport programmes. The grant can be used for finance costs related to feasibility and market studies, programme structuring, business plans, energy audits and financial structuring, contractual arrangements and project implementation units as well as preparation of tendering procedures.
EU Innovation Fund
EU Innovation Fund focuses on highly innovative technologies and big flagship projects with European value added that could bring on significant emission reductions. The fund supports cross-cutting projects on innovative low-carbon solutions that lead to emission reductions in multiple sectors. The activities typically supported include the development of products, which substitute carbon intensive ones, carbon capture, and utilisation, the construction and operation of carbon capture and storage, renewable energy generation and energy storage. 
Horizon 2020 Project Development Assistance
Horizon 2020 Project Development Assistance (PDA) supports public bodies and public authorities such as regions, cities, municipalities or groupings of those to develop bankable sustainable energy projects. Activities supported can include feasibility studies, stakeholder and community mobilisation, financial engineering, business plans, technical specifications and procurement procedures. These activities are necessary to prepare and mobilise investment into sustainable energy projects.

European Investment Bank (EIB) and Global Covenant of Mayors the Global Climate City Challenge
European Investment Bank (EIB) and Global Covenant of Mayors the Global Climate City Challenge is a joint initiative of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) which provides technical assistance that helps to prepare the fast track financing of urban climate action projects.