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Project Research Funding

Project Research Funding

Research provides a mechanism for building on knowledge, it promotes collaboration, exchange of best practice between organisations, answers questions relevant to policy and addresses information deficits on climate action. It also builds a human capital of expertise across disciplines.  
National Funding for Climate Action Research

EPA Research Calls
EPA Research Calls under its climate, water, sustainability pillars. This fund provides scientific support for environmental policy development, implementation, decision making and innovation. Publications and projects associated with EPA funds are listed on an EPA searchable database.
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Research Development and Demonstration Call Funding Programme  (SEAI RD & D Call)  invests in innovative energy projects contributing to Ireland’s transition to a clean and secure energy future.
Science Foundation Ireland
Science Foundation Ireland Funding Calls provide grants for researchers, outstanding investigators, conferences, symposia and collaboration with industry. The SFI Discover Programme Call supports public engagement projects for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).
European Funding for Climate Action Research
EU LIFE Programme
EU LIFE programme is an EU funding instrument that supports the environment, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the European Union (EU). The new LIFE programme 2021 - 2027 is divided into four sub-programmes: Nature and biodiversity, Circular economy and quality of life, Climate change mitigation and adaptation and Clean energy transition. The programme is open to public bodies, private entities and NGO’s registered in the EU. 
Find out more HERE.
Horizon 2020
Horizon 2020 is a EU research and innovation programme that acts as a financial instrument aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness through the delivery of smart, sustainable inclusive growth and jobs using science, innovation and collaboration between public and private sectors in delivering innovation by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.
Interreg Europe
Interreg Europe, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is a key instrument of the EU that supports co-operation across borders through project funding. It allows regional and local public authorities to share ideas, build projects and avail of funding.  Interreg ensures the better delivery of EU policy, the effective use of funding and the delivery of integrated and sustainable impacts on people and place in the EU and the development of innovations across Europe avoiding isolation, continuous mistakes or duplication of effort. Interreg tackles common challenges and finds shared solutions in fields such as health, environment, research, education, transport, sustainable energy and more. Interreg has three types of programmes: cross border cooperation, transnational cooperation and inter-regional cooperation.
Erasmus +
Erasmus +  grant supports education, training, youth and sport by facilitating ERASMUS participants to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad. It also supports teaching, research, networking and policy debate on EU topics, including climate action. There are also opportunities for organisations, which want to explore development and networking opportunities with universities, education and training providers, think tanks, research organisations, and private businesses.

European City Facility Fund
European City Facility Fund allows municipalities across Europe to access a lump sum and related services to develop their investment concepts thereby unlocking the potential within local authorities. The objective is to facilitate the mobilisation of (local) investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.
European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities
European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities brings cities, industry, SMEs, banks, research and other smart city actors together to achieve social, environmental and economic sustainability for cities. It’s objectives are is to improve citizens’ quality of life, increase competitiveness in European industry and innovative SMEs, to make cities more competitive and better places to live in, to share knowledge to prevent mistakes and to reach energy and climate targets. It also supports cities in finding the right partners and solutions to the challenges they face. 
European Innovation Partnership on Agriculture, Sustainability & Productivity
European Innovation Partnership on Agriculture, Sustainability & Productivity ( EIP- AGRI ) works to foster competitive and sustainable farming and forestry that “achieves more and better from less”.  It contributes to ensuring a steady supply of food, feed and biomaterials while taking into account the essential natural resources on which farming depends. 
The EIP-AGRI contributes to integrating different funding streams such as the European Rural Development Policy or the EU's research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020, so that they contribute together to a same goal and the funding duplicates results. This facilitates innovation in rural development. It also connects farmers, advisers, researchers, businesses, NGO’s together to speed up innovation; it is part of an EU wide Rural Networks’ Assembly for innovation, agricultural productivity and sustainability.
The EIP-AGRI website has interactive features where users can share project ideas, best practice, voice their research needs, discover funding opportunities and match with potential project partners in the area of agricultural innovation. The EIP-AGRI  network is supported by a professional team and a Service Point that can help participants share ideas, projects, facilitation of  networking activities, knowledge sharing and exchange through conferences focus groups, workshops seminars and publications.
URBACT mission is to enable cities to work together and develop integrated solutions to common urban challenges, by networking, learning from one another’s experiences, drawing lessons and identifying good practices to improve urban policies.
Sniffer is a Scottish sustainability charity, based in Edinburgh that works at an international, national, regional and local level on climate change adaptation. They provide a range of services including stakeholder engagement, training and capacity building and sustainable place making. They also run Adaptation Scotland, which supports a range of activities from citywide adaptation plans in Edinburgh and Aberdeen to teaching resources for schools to help children learn about the impacts of climate change on the places they live.