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A Profile of Local Government Climate Action in Ireland

A report A Profile of Local Government Climate Action in Ireland published by the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) in January 2020 outlined for the first time the range of actions local authorities have undertaken nationally to tackle climate change and to promote climate action within their communities. The research carried out on behalf of the County and City Management Association (CCMA) was undertaken for the period 2011-2018.

The full report can be found HERE and a summary of the report can be found HERE.

In terms of energy efficiencies the research  found that actions taken by local authorities from 2011-2017 had cumulatively prevented 60,000 tonnes of CO2 from being produced, the equivalent of the emissions of roughly 11,000 Irish homes per annum. It also found that half of all local authorities will achieve energy savings beyond their 2030 targets and have invested more than €120m in energy efficiency projects.

Outside of energy efficiency, the local government sector has also been proactive in areas including sustainable transport development, flood risk management, water conservation, waste management, nature-based solutions and public engagement.