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Local Authority Adaptation Progress Reports

The National Adaptation Framework (NAF) “mandated the development and implementation of sectoral adaptation plans and local authority adaptation strategies which together, would form part of the national response to the impacts of climate change.” All 31 local authorities adopted their Adaptation Strategy / Climate Action Plans by the mandated date of September 2019.

The NAF also set out the requirement to report on progress in meeting the goal and objectives in the sectoral plans and local authority strategies. Under this requirement annual progress updates are to be submitted to the relevant department.

To assist with this requirement, the CARO developed a progress reporting template in consideration of the different methods and styles used by local authorities across the country in the publication of their strategies / plans. The template enables the information from each to be collated into a national progress report for the sector. 

The Annual Progress Reports for the Local Authority Climate Change Adaptation Strategy / Climate Action Plans can be accessed below.