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Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

The Local Authority sector is at the front line of climate adaptation, mitigation, community engagement, sustainable development and emergency planning.
The County & City Management Association (CCMA) have developed a Strategy - Delivering Effective Climate Action 2030 - as a roadmap for the sector to lead climate action locally, regionally and nationally and deliver on the ambition of the Local Authority Climate Action Charter.

Under the Local Authority's Climate Action Strategy -  Delivering Effective Climate Action 2030 - local authorities are committed to an ambitious set of shared strategic goals and key objectives.
The CAROs will support Local Authorities deliver the strategic goals and objectives that will be underpinned by the following set of principles:
  1. Setting and, where necessary, reframing, objectives and targets in line with the latest science, national climate policy and international agreements, such as the Paris Agreement
  2. Ensuring that everyone who lives, works and studies within the local authority area is supported and incentivised to engage in climate actions through appropriate infrastructure, and is provided with clear communications, as well as coherent regulations and standards
  3. Ensuring that local authority decisions and City and County Development Plans are climate-proofed and that development plans contribute to wider sustainable development goals (social, environmental and economic)
  4. Look for opportunities to address climate change across the full range of services provided by local authorities, with a particular focus on land-use planning, nature-based solutions, retrofitting of social housing stock and sustainable transport.
  5. Ensuring that a ‘just transition’ is at the heart of our approach and it is inclusive of everyone, young and old
  6. Monitoring progress and ensuring that evidence, data and guidance are provided by and sought from independent experts and international best practice.