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€2m Creative Climate Action Fund

€2m Creative Climate Action Fund

Date: 29 Jul 2021

14 Projects announced by Minister Cather Martin & Eamon Ryan

The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media in collaboration with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications  announced the 14 successful recipients of the €2 million Creative Climate Action fund.

The fund launched on 31st March 2021, sought collaborative projects that could meaningfully connect people with profound changes happening in the environment, society and economy arising from climate change, using creative, cultural and artistic approaches to transform connection and awareness into climate action.

The key objective of Creative Ireland’s Creative Climate Action initiative is to provide support for creative, cultural and artistic based projects that engage the public about the behaviour changes society will have to make to address climate change.

Selected Projects

14 projects from around the country were selected from 166 applications, including a number of local authorities, supported by the CAROs. 

  • Field Exchange* This is a series of farm based creative events that will support farmers to implement agricultural practices that combat climate change both in and above the soil in Tipperary.
  • Repair Acts Ireland* This 16-month pilot project will highlight the care, repair and reuse of objects in Westmeath.
  • Corca Dhuibhne Inbhuanaithe 2030* An artist will work with traditional farmers and the Dingle Creativity Hub to highlight why diversification from current farming practices is necessary.
  • Worker’s Villages* The Irish Architecture Foundation will work with residents of three Bord na Móna villages in the Midlands on the changing future for locals and on reimagining a more sustainable future for their communities.
  • ACT Waterford* This county-wide project will work with five communities to promote energy saving, wildlife diversification, increased use of public transport, the development of carbon sinks and to challenge current consumption habits.
  • The Callan Energy Store* A pop-up Energy Store in the heart of Callan, Kilkenny that will be part of a community engagement project that will radically reimagine their town's energy supply, an initiative led by Asylum Theatre and Loosysmokes.
  • Baint an Aeir/Hope it Rains* Working in Irish, artists and the community will co-create renewable energy-generating public artworks in Connemara that will power local services and draw attention to energy consumption/reduction.
  • Creative Climate Action Crumlin* Led by scientist Niamh Shaw, Dublin City Council in consultation with the community of Crumlin will activate a series of climate projects to raise awareness, enhance the natural world and change lifestyles
  • Decarbonising Together* Five Limerick community groups will identify an aspect of decarbonisation that matters to them and then work with a creative partner to explore and enable behaviour change in their daily lives.
  • Stories of Change* is an intergenerational creative roadshow travelling to four counties that will showcase local solutions to the climate crisis through the visual medium of photography, storytelling and food.
  • The KinShip Project* will engage the public on climate action through a community creative action programme at Tramore Valley Park, a 170-acre park developed on a reclaimed landfill site in Cork city.
  • Rising* This interdisciplinary arts project is led by Brokentalkers Theatre and TCD and will support the communities of Dublin Docklands to creatively explore the complexities of climate change, inspire local action and act as a model for communities nationally.
  • Línte na Farraige* is a set of striking visual light installations designed by Finnish artists that will be placed across six Irish coastal sites in Co. Dublin, Wexford and Galway. The installations are comprised of illuminated horizontal lines that represent future sea levels and storm surges.
  • Ripple* This project will use a co-design process to explore how the community of Ballina can reimagine and transform their local green space through the use of water as a resource and as a means to improve climate resilience.

Work on all 14 Creative Climate Action projects will begin immediately and all will be completed by December 2022.

Further information can be found on the Creative Ireland website.