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Atlantic Seaboard North Energy Bureau formally established

Atlantic Seaboard North Energy Bureau formally established

Date: 24 Jun 2022

Plan Energy Awarded Service Contract

The Atlantic Seaboard North (ASBN) Energy Bureau was formally established and the service contract awarded to Plan Energy in May 2022.  The Bureau forms a partnership between Mayo County Council as lead authority, Donegal County Council, Sligo County Council, Galway City Council, Galway County Council and SEAI and was coordinated by CARO ASBN.

The aim of the Bureau is to accelerate the development and energy management systems and investment needed within each of the 5 local authorities and put them into a position of achieving energy efficiencies of 50% and reducing their carbon emissions by 50%. A programme of retrofit works, comprising capital works (minor and major) and centrally coordinated retrofit projects of varying scales will form a key element of annual work programmes.

Mr Mel Gavin has been appointed as the Regional Manager and the recruitment process for 5 Energy Officers has also commenced.