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Climate Action Note for LA Housing Departments

Climate Action Note for LA Housing Departments

Date: 25 Mar 2022

A set of inserts for Local Authority Tenants' Handbooks

Through the development of their Climate Adaptation Strategies, many Local Authorities identified the need to update or revise their Tenants Handbook to include advice and guidance in the climate action area. To assist Local Authorities with this task, the Climate Action Regional Offices (CARO) have produced this Climate Action Information Note for use by Local Authority Housing Departments and/or the Climate Action Teams in the revision of their individual Tenants Handbooks.

As exemplars and leaders in the climate action area, it is important that Local Authorities provide practical information to their housing tenants in the area of energy efficiency, emissions reduction and preparing for extreme weather events. This Information Note provides helpful tips, measures and advice on climate action in these areas which can be extracted from this document and included as inserts into the respective Local Authority Tenants Handbook as required.

It is important to note that the content of this Information Note is for selective use by Local Authorities in the revision or development of their individual Tenants Handbooks only. The measures and tips provided in the document have avoided recommendations that require local authority intervention or raising tenant expectations for Local Authorities to provide additional services or modifications on demand. Each local authority will have its own programme of providing energy efficiency improvements and adaptation measures which lies outside the scope of the Information Note.