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Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan

Date: 29 Nov 2022

Latest progress report published

Ireland's Climate Action Plans provide a roadmap to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and tackle the climate crisis. They provide specific actions that Government Departments, Agencies and public bodies will take across sectors, together with a timeline for the completion of each action.

The latest Progress Report details progress made on 124 climate action measures due for delivery in Q3 2022.

Progress Reports on the Climate Action Plans are published each quarter and this is the third progress report under the Climate Action Plan 2021.

Six Progress Reports were produced under the Climate Action Plan 2019 . These reports show that, overall, 78% of the 500 measures in the Climate Action Plan 2019 due by end-2020, have been completed (highlights here ).

Three further progress reports were produced under the Interim Climate Actions 2021 . These reports show that, between Q1 and Q3 2021, 66% of the 340 measures due under the Interim Climate Actions were delivered.

Attention is drawn to ‘high impact’ measures across all Progress Reports, highlighting those measures with more significant emissions reduction and/or adaptation potential.