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'Climate Action & Sustainability' Lunchtime Lecture Series

'Climate Action & Sustainability' Lunchtime Lecture Series

Date: 30 Jan 2023

Trinity College launch free lunchtime Lecture Series 2023

The series will run on Wednesday lunchtimes from 1-2pm, for those working in this space, or have an interest in pursuing a career that supports a cleaner, green world. The first four speakers are from the Engineering field - discussing the future of decarbonising transport, low-carbon materials, efficiency buildings and renewable energy. Further speakers will incorporate aspects of biodiversity, new technologies, the circular economy, and societal or system change.

The overall programme will draw upon expert academic speakers across the new E3 - Engineering, Environment and Emerging Technologies research community at Trinity.

The first talk in the series will be on Wednesday 8th February where Professor Brian Caulfield will share his perspectives on the targets that Ireland has set out to reduce transport's carbon emissions by 50% in the next 7 years, and the vision he has on pathways to decreasing transport emissions by 2030.

To register for the series click here.