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Climate Change Advisory Council publish Annual Review

Climate Change Advisory Council publish Annual Review

Date: 22 Sep 2022

Climate Change Advisory Council published its 2022 annual review in late September.

A key task of the Council is to conduct an annual review of progress made over the previous year across all sectors, in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and furthering the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient and sustainable economy and society by 2050. Its ‘traffic light’ review of sectoral adaptation progress the Local Government Sector has improved on the 2021 report. The report notes that the integration of mitigation with adaptation demonstrates good progress and that the climate action training programme appears to be successful and should increase mainstreaming in the future. 

A recommendation in the 2022 review is that “this (local authority/CARO) sector would benefit from further consideration and coordination of the associated socio-economic and environmental (including biodiversity) risks and opportunities and actions to manage these”. 
Climate Change Advisory Council - ANNUAL REVIEW 2022 (