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Climate Smart: A new transition unit for climate adaptation

Climate Smart: A new transition unit for climate adaptation

Date: 31 May 2022

The Climate Smart project, run by Trinity College Dublin’s department of geography, has developed a new transition unit to educate young people about climate adaptation in Ireland.

The unit consists of six interactive workshops which will teach pupils about:

1. The science of climate change, and the policies developed to combat it
2. The recent history and future of flooding in Ireland
3. Sensing, monitoring, and predicting floods
4. Visualising floods and flood-related damage
5. Building – from grey infrastructure to nature-based solutions – to help us adapt
6. How we can adapt as a society.

When they’ve completed the workshops, pupils will be ready to test their knowledge by playing the iAdapt Game, an interactive map-based game which can be played on computers, tablets, and even phones. The game puts you in charge of a flood-threatened Dublin in the year 2045: you must use what you’ve learned during the workshops to effectively plan, consult on, and implement Dublin’s flood defences, striking a balance between keeping people safe, and keeping voters happy.

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