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EU Mission on Adaptation

EU Mission on Adaptation

Date: 09 Sep 2022

Local authorities encouraged to join this initiative

The European Commission launched an invitation to EU regions and communities to join the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change.

A recent meeting of the CARO Management Group was attended by Johannes Klumpers  of the Mission Secretariat who advocated for local authorities and regions to avail of the opportunity of becoming a signatory. A number of Irish local authorities have already applied to become members and the CAROs are encouraging others to consider becoming part of this initiative.  

There are parallels between this initiative and other climate programmes such as Covenant of Mayors, in relation to funding support, sharing of knowledge and networking. However it must be noted that the focus of this initiative is specifically on  Climate Adaptation. 

EU Adaptation Mission

The EU Climate Adaptation Mission aims to support at least 150 European regions and communities to become climate resilient by 2030. The Horizon Europe programme will provide €368.3 million in seed funding during the period 2021-23 to help with delivery; In order to achieve this the Commission will establish an Implementation Platform to support, coordinate and assist participating local authorities/regions. The mission will start working with 60-100 regions between 2021-23, and subsequently continue with another 50-100 regions. 

The Mission is an offer to those leading the climate transition to put in place the necessary knowledge, risk assessment monitoring and predictive capability, reducing risk, and avail of finance and other funds and to test and pilot large scale support needed to prepare for what different parts of Europe are facing on the ground. 

Opportunities in joining the EU Adaptation Mission

There are many positives to becoming part of this Mission, not least the significant levels of funding available in the first 3 years of c.€370 million. By signing up to the Charter and the tenets of the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change, local authorities will become part of a community of practice on adaptation to climate change, and have the opportunity to network and share with other regions and communities in Europe.  Joining the Mission will put the regions and communities right at the forefront of innovation in Europe’s transition to becoming a more resilient continent.  Please note: The Commission has given assurances that signing the Charter does not entail any financial, legal or resourcing commitment.  

Signatories will also have access to the services of the Mission Implementation Platform, when operational in early 2023. This platform will comprise: 
  • Help with accessing knowledge and methods on climate risk assessments;
  • Access to best practice examples from other regions and information on the latest research results;  
  • Support with linking these examples and research results with local adaptation plans, roadmaps or adaptation pathways;
  • Access to tools, examples and best practices for interacting and engaging with citizens;
  • Advice on possible public and private funding sources for adaptation.

Steps to becoming a Signatory

In order to become a signatory,  local authorities are encouraged to fill out an online survey which has been set up by the Commission. 

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