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Green Public Procurement

Green Public Procurement

Date: 16 Sep 2021

EPA publish guidance and accompanying criteria for the public sector

The EPA Green Procurement Guidance for the public sector was published today and is available on the EPA website HERE.

This guidance supports the inclusion of sustainable and green practices in public sector procurement procedures and it is aimed primarily at public sector procurers in central and local government, state agencies and other public bodies.

The guidance includes Irish GPP criteria for the ten priority sectors which have been developed based on common EU criteria, adapted to reflect the Irish market and procurement practices.

These criteria are designed to be directly inserted into tender documents and includes information on how compliance can be confirmed. These documents can be found on the above link.

10 Priority Areas

  1. Road transport vehicles and services
  2. Indoor and outdoor lighting
  3. ICT products and services
  4. reHeating equipment (including boilers, cogeneration, trigeneration and heat pumps)
  5. Food and catering services
  6. Energy-related products (white goods/appliances, electronic displays, vacuum cleaners)
  7. Cleaning products and services
  8. Paper products and printing services
  9. Design, construction and management of office buildings
  10. Textile products and services
Local authority training for Green Public Procurement is currently in development under Pillar 6 of the Climate Action Training Strategy for the sector.