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National Residential Retrofit Plan

National Residential Retrofit Plan

Date: 08 Feb 2022

New plan setting out how we will deliver on our retrofit targets

The new National Residential Retrofit Plan, which was published today as part of Climate Action Plan 2021, sets out how the Government will deliver on our retrofit targets. This Plan aims to achieve the equivalent of 500,000 homes retrofitted to a Building Energy Rating of B2/cost optimal or carbon equivalent and the installation of 400,000 heat pumps in existing premises to replace older, less efficient heating systems by end-2030.

The benefits of a home energy upgrades and decarbonisation include:
  • Warmer and more comfortable homes
  • Cheaper to run homes which helps to alleviate energy poverty
  • Improved health and wellbeing, particularly for the young and elderly, through improved internal dwelling temperatures and air quality
  • Improved asset values
  • Reduced GHG emissions and air pollution
  • Increased economic activity and high quality jobs created throughout the country
  • The ability to heat our homes using the electricity generated through renewable energy projects in Ireland

The National Residential Retrofit Plan is built on four key pillars

Pillar 1 – Driving Demand and Activity

  • A National Awareness and Demand Generation Campaign
  • Provide a personalised roadmap for homeowners on how to upgrade their home to a BER B2 in the new BER Advisory Report
  • A network of registered retrofit one-stop-shops will be developed to simplify the customer journey and enhance confidence
  • A new National Retrofit Plan (One-Stop-Shop Service) will be launched
  • Sustainable Energy Communities will be used to drive Community Activation
  • Those least able to afford to retrofit will be supported to participate
  • The Local Authority Retrofit Programme will be expanded
  • The new Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme will be launched

Pillar 2 – Financing and Funding Models

  • The NDP has provided clarity on the Exchequer multi-annual funding commitment for Retrofit
  • Further research will be carried out to understand the needs of homeowners
  • A new Residential Retrofit Low-cost Loan Scheme will be launched
  • European Union funding will be pursued
  • The potential for new tax incentives for retrofit will be explored

Pillar 3 – Supply Chain, Skills and Standards

  • Carryout a skills forecast for the retrofit sector to 2030
  • Deliver the necessary increase in upskilling, reskilling and apprenticeship supports
  • Initiatives to ensure the required number of BER assessors
  • Supports for Enterprise
  • Registration for One-Stop-Shops
  • Carry out a study into the Heat Loss Indicator criteria for the installation of heat pumps
  • New Standards and Guidance Documents
  • Building Regulations

Pillar 4 – Structures and Governance

  • A cross-Departmental National Residential Retrofit Oversight Steering Group will be established
  • Further develop and resource the SEAI as the National Retrofit Delivery Body
  • Enhance the collection and monitoring of retrofit activity data delivered with government support
  • The capacity of Local Authorities to deliver their retrofit programme will be enhanced

Further details of the Plan can be found HERE.