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Nature Based Solutions Webinars


Date: 29 Mar 2021

The CARO hosted a series of webinars exploring the roll of NbS for Coastal Community groups involved in climate action.

Webinar 1 took place on the 22nd March and was presented by Dr. Kevin Lynch, Coastal Geomorphologist at NUI Galway. This first webinar provided an introduction to NbS for coastal community groups and looked at the reason why climate change and storm impacts might bs solved by ‘working with nature’, how the science of various NbS work and issues around implementing NbS sooner rather than later.

A recording of Webinar 1 can be viewed here.

Webinar 2 took place on the 25th March and was presented by Dr. Eugene Farrell, Coastal Geomorphologist at NUI Galway. This second webinar built on the introduction to NbS in the coastal environment and explored how the scientific understanding plays out in real-world locations. It provided a serious of examples of NbS in action to adapt to the impacts of climate change and discussed barriers and supports for coastal communities.

A recording of Webinar 2 can be viewed here. The slidedeck can also be downloaded here.