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Protect Our Dunes Campaign to Launch on Saturday 25th June

Protect Our Dunes Campaign to Launch on Saturday 25th June

Date: 24 Jun 2022

Sand Dunes: The Protect Us, Lets Protect them

The Climate Action Regional Offices in collaboration with local authorities, NUI Galway, Leave No Trace, Clean Coasts, Green Schools and the Dublin Bay Biosphere are running a public awareness campaign over the summer months to highlight the importance and fragility of sand dune systems as natural coastal protection and important habitats. The campaign will be launched on Saturday 25th June as part of World Sand Dune Day.
This initiative is asking the public to help protect the dunes by enjoying the beach responsibly and will include awareness raising measures on social media and events throughout the summer to convey the importance of our sand dunes to coastal resilience and biodiversity, how they can be easily damaged from recreational activities, along with simple measures to preserve them.

The public are being advised of activities that can damage our sand dunes, including trampling on the dunes, sliding down the dune face, wild camping and campfires, sports training and roaming dogs. We can protect them by staying off the dunes, keeping to designated pathways and camping areas, following the direction of local signage and watching wildlife from a distance.
The campaign will be visible across social media platforms of the project partners and some coastal community groups from 25th June and will continue over the summer months. A series of events around the coastline are also being organised in conjunction with a number of coastal communities to raise awareness of the value of these natural assets. An Events Map is available on the CARO website and will be updated regularly.
Click here for supporting information, videos and communication toolkits for coastal communities along with a Communication Toolkit to help promote the Protect Our Dune message.  Alternatively, you can contact the CARO office at