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SEAI Energy in Ireland Launch

SEAI Energy in Ireland Launch

Date: 01 Jan 0001

The 21st edition of the Energy in Ireland report examines energy trends in Ireland from 2022 to 2001.

The report provides definitive annual data to the end of 2021 and provisional monthly data for 2022 to date, and speaks to current energy trends and their wider historical context. The Energy in Ireland report covers the supply, transformation, and sectoral demand of Ireland’s energy, including our progress towards national carbon budgets and EU renewable energy targets.

The report includes a high-level review section that identifies the most interesting and important developments in energy over the last two years, as well as a comprehensive technical back-end to help inform Government policy and enable the wider energy debate.

This event will take place on Wednesday the 14th of December at 11:30am, with 70 minutes of presentations and will finish with a 20 minute Q&A.

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