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Tourism industry driving Climate Action

Tourism industry driving Climate Action

Date: 21 Nov 2022

Fáilte Ireland introduce practical supports for tourism businesses

Minister for Tourism Catherine Martin TD officially opened Fáilte Ireland’s first national conference on driving climate action in tourism businesses in Croke Park on the 14th November.  

More than 200 tourism businesses attended from across the country that provided practical supports for businesses in measuring and reducing their carbon footprint.

Fáilte Ireland also took the opportunity to announce a new 'Climate Action Roadmap' for tourism along with 8 expert Climate Action business guides tailored for the tourism sector to enable businesses to make practical operational changes to reduce their carbon footprint. Areas such as energy efficiency, better water and food management systems, biodiversity opportunities and delivering sustainable meetings, events and festivals are covered in the guides. Fáilte Ireland Climate Action Guides: 
  1. Energy Management 
  2. Waste Management 
  3. Water Management 
  4. Carbon Offsetting 
  5. Biodiversity 
  6. Meetings and Events 
  7. Festivals 
  8. How to Tell Your Climate Action Story 

The Fáilte Ireland’s Climate Action Guides can be accessed HERE.

In her opening address Minister Catherine Martin said: “The climate crisis is a monumental challenge, but it is one that we can overcome together if we are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and resolve.  This is what Fáilte Ireland’s national conference on climate action for tourism businesses is about – learning from each other and supporting one another with practical tools that will help businesses navigate their climate action journey.  A key issue in the new national Sustainable Tourism policy will be the tourism sector’s contribution to meeting national and international policy commitments on climate change, including national emissions reduction requirements. The new policy will also have to consider how public investment can promote and support the development of a sustainable tourism sector.” 

In 2021, the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act set legally binding emission reduction targets of 51% by 2030 through fixed Sectoral Emissions Ceilings limiting greenhouse gas emissions for each economic sector. The Minister outlined how the new national Sustainable Tourism policy will inform the tourism sector’s contribution to meeting national policy commitments on climate change. 

Businesses were also introduced to the ‘Climate4Business Toolkit’, a carbon calculator which has been developed by the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment with support from Fáilte Ireland and other agencies. It is a user-friendly measurement tool for tourism businesses so they can calculate their own carbon footprint using an internationally recognised carbon reporting framework.  Measuring the carbon footprint in a business is a key step in managing and reducing it. 

As part of Fáilte Ireland’s marketing plans for 2023 it will dedicate €500,000 to showcase best-in-class sustainable attractions, activity providers and tourism experiences.