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Protect Our Dunes Campaign

Protect Our Dunes Campaign

The ProtectOurDunes campaign started in 2021 as part of the inaugural World Sand Dune Day and ran again in 2022, building on the success of the first campaign. It focussed on raising awareness of the value of sand dune systems and the impacts of recreational activities.

This year the Protect Our Dunes Campaign aims to empower people to help protect dune systems through:

  • Awareness of dune systems and their biodiversity
  • Awareness of activities that can damage our sand dunes that include -
    • Trampling on dunes, sliding down the dune face, wild camping and campfires, and roaming dogs
  • Simple actions we can take to protect them by -
    • Staying off the dunes, keeping to designated pathways and the beach

How you can help support the #ProtectOurDunes Campaign

  1. Follow the #ProtectOurDunes Campaign
  2. Share on your socials, post using #ProtectOurDunes and Tag
  3. Keep an eye out for our free community events in the North-West

Campaign Working Group