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CCMA Charging EV Working Group

CCMA Charging EV Working Group

CCMA EV Working Group

A CCMA EV group met on the 7th May 2020 for the first time with representatives from CMMA LUTS and EECEP sub committees, CAROs and Local Authorities. The terms of reference for this group are being agreed but it will have a national focus and the outputs from the Dublin EV Project will inform the workings of this group.
Outline Terms of Reference
  • Determine existing EV charging infrastructure
  • Determine the preferred types of locations and Infrastructural requirements for different locations e.g. on-street, municipal car parks, municipal buildings etc
  • Determine what funding sources are available to the LAs
  • Procurement considerations
  • The inclusion of EV objectives in the review of the County Development Plans and in future LA Climate Action Strategies
  • Inclusion of EV objectives in the CARO Training Programme
The Group are currently working on a Guidance Document for local authorities.