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Atlantic Seaboard North Energy Bureau

Atlantic Seaboard North Energy Bureau

Energy Management Bureau

The Climate Action Plan recognises the key role that the local authority sector can play in demonstrating public sector leadership at local and community level. To act as exemplars of best practice in taking climate action across all sectors and use their capacities to lead a wider transition the Plan sets a new target for the public sector of 50% energy efficiency and a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

To support the Local Authorities in the Atlantic Seaboard North region to meet their 2030 Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emission Targets and fulfil their exemplary role with respect to climate action, a regional Energy Management Bureau is being established. The Bureau is being supported by the 5 local authorities in the region with match funding provided by SEAI under a Pathfinder Programme. This funding is potentially available for a 3-year period but to be reviewed annually against agreed targets and growing ambition.

The aim of the Bureau is to accelerate the development and energy management systems and investment needed within each of the 5 local authorities and put them into a position of achieving energy efficiencies of 50% and reducing their carbon emissions by 50%. A programme of retrofit works, comprising capital works (minor and major) and centrally coordinated retrofit projects of varying scales will form a key element of annual work programmes.

It is expected to establish the Bureau in mid-2021. In Years 1 & 2 the Bureau will work closely with the local authorities to establish appropriate structures, energy management systems, investment strategies, energy action plans and deliver energy efficiency projects in partnership with local Energy Teams. 

As the local authority’s Energy Teams develop, it is proposed that the Bureau will reduce in size in Year 3 and evolve into a unit that will support the development and implementation of regional energy project of scale. 

As well as providing independent and technical advice it is the ambition that the Bureau will deliver aggregated projects for the 5 local authorities and secure EU and national funding to support these initiatives.