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The CAROs are strongly aligned to and integrated with the national, regional and local agencies, departments and public bodies responsible for delivering climate policy in Ireland.
Overall oversight is provided to the CAROs and their annual work programme by the National Local Authority Climate Change Steering Committee. This committee is serviced by a secretariat within the Local Government Management Association and they meet four times a year. The committee is chaired by a nominated Chief Executive and includes the CEOs of the lead CARO local authorities, regional Directors of Services, alongside representatives from Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, EPA, OPW, GSI and Met Eireann.

Lead Local Authority
Each CARO coordinates climate action across a number of Local Authorities and is managed by a single "lead" authority in that region:
  • Atlantic Seaboard North CARO: Mayo County Council
  • Atlantic Seaboard South CARO: Cork County Council
  • Eastern & Midlands CARO: Kildare County Councill (supported by Kilkenny County Council)
  • Dublin Metropolitan CARO: Dublin City Council

Regional Steering Groups
Because each CARO coordinates climate action across a number of local authorities, the management and accountability of the lead local authority is supported by Regional Steering Groups. The core role of this steering group is to refine, prioritise and deliver the key climate action strategies, policies and programs in line with national legislation, policies and guidance.
These Regional Steering Groups also meet four times a year and are made up of a Director of Services from the lead local authority for the region, the CARO Regional Coordinator, Director of Services from each Local Authority within the region, representatives from the Regional Assembly(s) and Energy Agencies where they exist.
The Eastern & Midlands Region CARO covers a large number of local authorities, so they have four sub-regional Steering Groups.