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What we do

What we do

The CAROs provide guidance, advice and support to Local Authorities to leverage the capability, reach and resources of the sector to effectively address climate change across Ireland.

Local Authorities are critical for the implementation of national climate change policy at local level. A proactive response by the sector to the challenges of climate change resulted in the establishment of the four Climate Action Regional Offices (CAROs) to coordinate climate action at regional and local levels and help build on the existing experience across the local authority sector.

The CAROs were initially established in 2018 to support the preparation and delivery of Local Authority Adaptation Strategies, enable engagement across sectoral adaptation plans and to coordinate climate action undertaken by the sector.

Since launching, the work of the CAROs has
expanded to remain closely aligned with evolving national climate policies and the Local Authority Climate Action Charter.

​CARO Work Programme

The CAROs develop an annual work programme in collaboration with the CCMA, Central Government and a CARO management group. This work programme covers six key areas of 

Specific actions and projects under each of these key areas agreed with the National Local Authority Climate Change Steering Committe on an annual basis.