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Are the Media doing their job on climate change?

Are the Media doing their job on climate change?

Recently, climate change has risen to the top of the media agenda. Whether it's "heat domes" in the Pacific north-west, floods in northern Europe, or fires in Greece and Turkey, climate change-induced extreme weather events have not been far from the headlines. Although coverage levels have increased - and will rise further as coverage of COP26, the UN climate conference in Glasgow in November ramps up - the media has also been criticised for failing to link extreme weather to climate, and for generally failing to treat the climate crisis with sufficient urgency. This event brings together four experienced journalists and communicators on climate change to discuss the question: Are the media doing their job on climate change?

- Dr Cara Augustenborg is a climate scientist and regular climate communicator on Newstalk;
- Harry McGee is political correspondent of the Irish Times, and covered COP15 in Paris for the paper;
- Jon Williams is the director of news and current affairs at RTE;
- Daniel Murray is the political correspondent of the Business Post, and host of the popular environmental podcast, Five Degrees of Change.

The event was hosted by Dr. Dave Robbins, director of the DCU Centre for Climate & Society and is organised in partnership with the Dublin Climate Action Regional Office.