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Climate Action Economic Opportunities - Local Authorities Supporting Enterprise Conference

Events Programme

Climate Action Economic Opportunities - Local Authorities Supporting Enterprise Conference

26 Apr 2023

Event Duration

9:30am - 4:00pm

Target Event Group

Elected Members and Local Authority staff with a remit on Economic Development, Enterprise, Climate Action, Planning, Community Development. Enterprise and Development Departments and Agencies that work with Local Authorities to promote Economic & Community Development, Enterprise and Climate Action.

Event Description

Discover how local authorities, working through their economic & enterprise remit, are supporting existing and new business to embrace the innovation required for the transition to a net-zero economy. 

An event brochure with details of speakers and topics can be downloaded HERE.

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Event Aims/Objectives

Climate Change brings many significant challenges across the environment, society, economy and technological dimensions. This global scale challenge demands transformative and urgent action through both adaptation and mitigation responses. It is widely accepted that innovation will be central to climate action response efforts through new and emerging solutions, evolving climate resilient business models and elevated sustainable practices across all policy areas, sectors and business.

The relationship between climate, protection of the natural environment, energy security and economic stability has never been as connected. Working through their broad economic remit, local authorities can play a significant role in promoting and supporting new and existing enterprise and business to capitalise on the opportunities that exist in the transition to a net-zero economy.

This conference places a spotlight on the need for innovation in enterprise to help in the fight to combat climate change and the role of local authorities in facilitating sustainable enterprise. The conference will showcase examples of how businesses are pivoting to capitalise on new opportunities and in doing so are becoming green economy pioneers, with the support of local authorities.