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Events Programme

Coastal Communities Adapting Together (CCAT): Exchanging Knowledge and Best Practice across borders

19 - 21 Oct 2021


Event Duration

3 day (starts at 10am)

Event Description

Following the success of our 1st CCAT cross border event in 2020, the CCAT team are delighted to announce our second Virtual networking and knowledge exchange event, Coastal Communities Adapting Together (CCAT): Exchanging Knowledge and Best Practice across borders 2021, planned for October 19th, 20th and 21st 2021.

As we explored in our event last year, coastal communities are forefront of the impacts of climate change, adaptation, resilience and associated coastal management decisions and planning.

Through the Coastal Communities Adapting Together (CCAT) project, we have been working to support coastal communities in Pembrokeshire (Wales) and Fingal (Dublin) to understand the impact of climate change, and how it might impact their local communities.

Drawing on feedback from our first event, we recognise that there are more conversations to be had – opportunities remain to learn from what others are doing, and to build on existing best practice in policy and management, for both coastal management and climate change. Through this second virtual event, co-organised by Cardiff University and the wider CCAT team, we will bring together a diverse range of practitioners and academics, with expertise in policy making, coastal management, climate change adaptation, community engagement and more. Over the course of the event, we will welcome speakers presenting on a wide range of topics including:

• Examples from case studies,
• Reflections from communities currently experiencing the impacts of climate change,
• Community scale initiatives, and community engagement in coastal management and climate adaptation
• Examples of nature based solutions in practice,
• Case studies from across the UK, Ireland, as well as other international examples.
• The role of technology within climate change adaptation and resilience,

More details about the programme will be available soon!

You can choose to attend one or more of the following webinars.

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