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SEAI - Electric Vehicle (EV) Apartment Charger Grant Scheme – Consultation Event

5 Aug 2021


Event Duration

11am - 12:15pm

Event Description

Transport Minister Eamon Ryan has warmly welcomed a forthcoming SEAI public consultation on EV charging infrastructure for apartments and strongly urged residents and management companies to take part and make their views known. 

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is to hold the online event on Thursday, August 5, at which it will outline its proposed two-tiered approach to providing grant support and seek the views of stakeholders.

Minister Ryan said: “It is crucial that Government supports the uptake of EVs across society. People living in shared buildings, such as apartments blocks, have not, up until now, had the opportunity to access home-charging facilities for EVs. We are regulating for new apartment blocks to include EV-charging infrastructure, but we still need a solution for people in existing apartment buildings. 

“As such, I warmly welcome the SEAI’s announcement and urge residents of apartments and shared residential blocks to engage with the SEAI to ensure that the right supports are provided to enable EV ownership for these groups.”

Overview of Proposed Scheme
It is estimated that 80% of annual EV charging is done at a driver’s home location. Therefore, widespread availability of residential charging at all locations is therefore a critical requirement in order to achieve Ireland’s 2030 electric vehicle target.

In this consultation, from 11am to 12.15pm on August 5, SEAI will outline its proposed two-tiered approach to providing grant support for EV charging solutions for apartment and Multi-Unit Dwelling (MUD) complexes.

Firstly, support will be provided to the Owner Management Companies (OMCs) to install the electrical network and any shared chargers. Secondly, each resident will be provided with support to install a charge point to connect to the local Apartment/MUD charging network.

SEAI will outline the proposal and seek views and opinions from interested stakeholders.

The event will be recorded and SEAI will attempt to answer as many as possible of the questions received on the day. Any remaining questions will be transcribed and responded to following the event. All answers and links will be published on a section of SEAI’s website to be developed for apartment charging. 
Relevant draft programme documentation will also be made available on the website for review and comment. 

Interested parties may review the materials for 3 weeks and provide feedback via email to no later than 26th of August 2021.

• Overview of proposed EV Apartment Charger Scheme – Graham Brennan, Transport Programme Manager, SEAI
• Proposed Application & Grant Payment Processes - Robert Cazaciuc, Programme Executive EV Charging Infrastructure
• Q&A Session (45mins)

Minister Ryan added: “The Government is firmly committed to delivering Ireland’s ambitious targets for reducing our national emissions. A key objective of the Climate Action Plan is 936,000 Electric Vehicles on our roads by 2030. We are seeing a really encouraging uptake of EVs across Ireland this year and in order to maintain these trends, we must continue to develop our EV charging infrastructure to meet the needs of the rapidly growing number of EV owners across Ireland.”

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