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Embedding Adaptation to Climate Change in standards - Approaches, Challenges and Enablers

Events Programme

Embedding Adaptation to Climate Change in standards - Approaches, Challenges and Enablers

17 Feb 2022

Event Duration

13:00 - 16:15 (CET)

Target Event Group

All standard writers interested in adaptation to climate change, especially stakeholders of standards in the infrastructure sector (Construction, Energy, Transport, ICT), experts from the meteorological sector, as well as experts with first-hand experience on adaptation to climate change and other interested parties.

Event Description

Join the CEN-CENELEC conference 'Embedding Adaptation to Climate Change is standards - Apporoaches, challenges and enablers'! This conference will bring together stakeholders involved in standards for the infrastructure sector (Construction, Energy, Transport, ICT) and experts on climate adaptation, climate change scientists and experts for management of climate risks.

The multitude of challenges posed by climate change are increasingly being recognized. As part of an EC mandate started in 2014, the Commission and CEN/CENELEC have sought to address the adaptation of European standards and standardization to climate change, with insights and lessons learnt in how Technical Committees have addressed the challenges of embedding adaptation to climate change within their standards, as well as national experiences with regard to action needed in standardisation at the national level. The aim is to offer support and a useful toolbox for standard writers to consider adaptation to climate change and foster cross-sectoral exchanges of experiences in order to contribute to more climate resilient standards throughout Europe.

Concrete approaches and examples in standards will be highlighted and the application
    of newly developed climate change guidance in standardisation will be demonstrated.
The availability and usage of future climate data in standards will be examined and
    illustrated by practical projects.
Examples of climate adaptation in national standards and recommended actions at the
    national level will be shown.
Barriers and enablers in standards development will also be discussed more broadly,
    setting out the direction in which the standardisation community needs to go in the
    long-term in order to address the new European policy objectives and to effectively
    tackle the challenges of a changing climate.

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