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Water Conference 2023

Events Programme

Water Conference 2023

19 Apr 2023

Event Duration

1 Day

Event Description

Water Ireland 2023 will bring together all the key stakeholders in the water services sector on the island of Ireland to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. This year’s conference will have the theme of sustainability, in the widest sense: environmental sustainability; impact of climate change; delivering and managing water infrastructure in a sustainable manner. The conference will open with a plenary session looking at the strategic issues, including European water policy developments. The focus will then turn to environmental issues, including the impact of climate change on Ireland’s water resources. The afternoon sessions will focus on water and wastewater infrastructure delivery with investment at record levels. The conference will close with a panel discussion bringing all these issues together as we consider the future outlook for the sector.

Event Aims/Objectives

The conference will look at the key challenges facing the sector:
  • Managing Director to outline future direction of water services with Uisce √Čireann;
  • Expert visiting speakers on best practice aspects of the water sector;
  • Impact of climate change on water services;
  • Challenges facing infrastructure delivery, inflation and construction costs;
  • Closing skills gaps in the sector;
  • EU Drinking Water Directive;
  • Supporting housing development;
  • River Basin Management Plans;
  • Waste water infrastructure;
  • Transformation of water services.
  • Visiting speaker(s) from Northern Ireland to cover all-island issues
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