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Training Programme

Raising Awareness


Training Duration

Two and a half hours

Target Training Group

All local authority staff

Course Description

Delivered through the Climate Ireland eLearning Platform, this online/web based training course seeks to raise awareness of climate change issues for all local authority staff and the role of local authorities in responding. It provides three interlinked modules addressing climate science, policy legislation and targets and the role of, and opportunities for, local authorities along with graded assessments. The course is an engaging audio-visual learning experience and supports access to additional publications and online resources for further information.

Course Aims/Objectives

  • Increase the understanding and awareness of global climate change and what it means for Ireland and local authorities.
  • Raise awareness of climate action, international and national climate action policy.
  • Develop an understanding of the existing and planned actions being undertaken by the Local Authority sector in response to the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change.
  • Build capacity to foster and demonstrate Local Authority leadership to other sectors and communities in developing and implementing local climate action measures.