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Training Programme

Building Capacity


Training Duration

Three days in person or Six half days online

Target Training Group

Climate Action Teams (multi-disciplinary and cross departmental teams established in each Local Authority to cover the planning and implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures).

Course Description

This four-module course has been designed and developed by a range of contributors to offer participants an extensive and varied range of topics relevant to the working objectives of local authority climate action teams. From the scientific and policy context, the course describes the important role local authorities play in not only responding to the impacts of climate change through adaptation measures but also ways in which mitigation efforts can be promoted in order to deliver on emission reduction targets prescribed for the sector. The course equips participants with the knowledge on how to move from strategy to action and how to effectively engage with internal stakeholders across a range of local authority functions and potentially the local community. The course demonstrates how Local Authorities can take a leading role in meeting the challenges of climate change, influence practices and behaviours and take action on the implementation of climate adaptation strategies and action plans.

Course Aims/Objectives

  • Increase understanding and awareness of climate change and the role of the Local Authorities in delivering climate action at the local scale.
  • Promote behavioural change, engage and empower Local Authorities to deliver climate action.
  • Up-skill Local Authority staff in climate proofing council services, facilities, functions and operations.
  • Frame the effective and robust implementation of Local Authority Climate Adaptation Strategies/Climate Change Action Plans.
  • Build Local Authority capacity to foster and demonstrate leadership to other sectors and to communities in developing and implementing local climate action measures.