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People cycling

Training Programme

Empowering Change

People cycling

Training Duration

Two days

Target Training Group

Staff in each Local Authority whose role involves working closely with local communities, administrative or technical.

Course Description

This two-day course, has been designed and developed to offer participants the knowledge and tools to become leaders in climate action by raising awareness, encouraging participation and inspiring action within and across local communities. The course invites people to connect with local communities to better tell the story of climate change, engage with local leaders to seek out opportunities to take positive action and inspire and support local initiatives that place communities at the forefront of a movement for positive climate action.

Course Aims/Objectives

The course aims to help and guide participants to:

  • Appreciate the scope of their role, in engaging with local communities, to awaken awareness and promote understanding of the impact of climate change.
  • Employ innovative ways to facilitate community participation and engagement in initiatives that promote positive action on climate change.
  • Open dialogue and engage meaningfully in conversations on challenging or difficult issues (with individuals and groups) in order to shape public engagement and opinion and make progress on climate action.
  • Be central to the promotion of community initiatives that contribute to a community’s future actions on climate change.
  • Work with the CAROs to support and build a strong network of colleagues, from across a range of local authorities, functional areas and levels, who continue to engage with climate change and climate action.
  • Thoughtfully and skilfully communicate the tangible benefits of acting on climate change thereby influencing public attitudes and behaviour at individual and community levels.