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Training Programme

Delivering Action

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Training Duration

Half Day

Target Training Group

All Local Authority Outdoor Staff across the functional areas of Roads, Environment, Water and Housing.

Course Description

The focus of the training is to gain knowledge about climate change and the role of the Local Authority in responding to the impacts of climate change.

This training has been developed to engage with Local Authority outdoor staff to increase their awareness of the challenges posed by climate change, at the global, national and local scales. The training is designed to give participants an overview of climate change science and policy and where possible, each training course will be tailored specifically to focus on the participants particular area of work. Cross cutting issues will also be addressed e.g. water quality and biodiversity loss.

The training seeks to inform and empower participants to implement practical outdoor climate action measures as part of their role within the Local Authority, in delivering the Local Authority response to Climate Action. The training will also encourage participants to make a difference by contributing to positive changes that will benefit local communities and their surrounding natural environment.


Course Aims/Objectives

  • Increase the participants understanding and awareness of climate change and what it means for Ireland and local community levels.
  • Raise awareness of international, national and local climate action and supporting policies.
  • Develop an understanding of the actions being taken by Local Authorities across the country to tackle the threats posed by climate change, declining water quality and biodiversity loss.
  • Building capacity to develop and implement local climate action measures in their work and communities.