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Climate Action Roadmap 2023

Climate Action Roadmap 2023

Date: 02 May 2023

Department of Finance publish their Climate Action Roadmap 2023

The wider policy actions in which the Department has a role in respect of climate action are not the focus of this roadmap. This plan is focused on the organisational-level actions the Department could take to meet this mandate, many of which will be undertaken in conjunctionwith the Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform(D/PENDPDR).

The Roadmap can be viewed HERE.


The  Climate  Action  Plan  2021  committed  that  public  sector  bodies  would complete  Climate  Action  Roadmaps.  The  Climate  Action  Roadmap  is  a document  to  be  produced  by  public  bodies  which  communicates  how  each public body aims to meet the requirements of the Climate Action Mandate 2022 and  reach  its  2030  carbon  and  energy  efficiency  targets.  This  requirement applies to all public bodies, other than Local Authorities, commercial semi-state bodies and schools, all of whom have their own requirements.

The first Roadmap, to be completed by the end Q1, 2023, requires public bodies to focus most attention on their plans for reducing total energy related emissions and fossil fuel related emissions from their operations in line with the targets in the  Climate  Action  Plan  2021(CAP).  Future  iterations  of  the  Roadmap Guidance  will  cover  how  to  expand  the  scope  of  the  Roadmap,  which  could potentially include other non-energy greenhouse gases, indirect emissions, and adaptation to climate change.