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ESB Networks

ESB Networks

Date: 12 Apr 2023

EV Recharging Infrastructure Connection Screening

To support the electrification of transport, ESB Networks have developed a screening process to share specific information on sites being considered for public EV recharging infrastructure by customers. The output of this screening process will be a Purple-Red-Amber-Green status of the distribution network for their proposed locations. 

The output of the screening process should be viewed as a high level assessment of network availability and is not based on a full connection study which will be completed as part of the formal connection application process.  

It is expected that submissions of sites to be screened will come from Charge Point Operators who may have several alternative site options.  Customers who do not have options regarding site choice should simply apply for connection. 

Further information can be found on this slidedeck and from the ESB Networks website.