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Wind Turbine

EU on Track to Meet GHG Emissions

Wind Turbine

Date: 18 Jan 2021

The EU on track to its 2020 emission target, but national situations differ

Thanks to steady improvements in emission reductions and renewables uptake, the European Union is likely to achieve two of its three 2020 climate and energy targets, namely reducing greenhouse gas emissions and boosting renewable energy, according to the European Environment Agency's (EEA) Trends and Projections report published today. Achieving the third target — reducing energy consumption — still looks unclear.

The EEA report ‘Trends and projections in Europe 2020 Publication’ tracks progress the EU’s 27 Member States (plus the United Kingdom) are making towards Europe’s climate and energy targets. Since 1990, greenhouse gas emissions in the EU have been steadily declining, with emissions in the EU-27 falling to 24 % below 1990 levels in 2019.
While recent trends suggest achievement or overachievement of the 2020 emissions reductions targets, remaining on track to meet the 2030 and 2050 objectives will demand sustained and long-term efforts.

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