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Kilkenny County Council


Date: 12 May 2021

Reduction in mowing to support pollinators

Kilkenny County Council have identified a number of areas where frequency of mowing will be reduced to support important pollinators. The reduction in mowing will allow encourage the growth of wildflowers and hedges and provide a valuable food source for pollinators.

The Ring Road in Kilkenny will now be mown on the city side only, with the verges of the county side of the Ring Road allowed to grow long. The new Ferrybank Park will be managed with pollinator friendly practices also, as will two large meadows in Dukesmeadows and Bishopsmeadows in Kilkenny. At all sites an annual cut will be carried out in late summer/early autumn.

The council is actively assessing other sites where it can alter current grass cutting practices and this will be done in consultation with local residents alongside an awareness campaign to explain why mowing is being delayed.