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Beach-dune environments as a Nature-based Solution

Beach-dune environments as a Nature-based Solution

Date: 03 Nov 2021

Structured Doctoral (PhD) scholarship advertised

Beach-dune environments as a Nature-based Solution: Understanding controlling 
variables in human dominated landscapes. 

(Joint funded by CASSCS, NUI Galway & Climate Action Regional Office ASBN)
DEADLINE: Tuesday, 30 Nov 2021, 5pm (GMT)

A Structured Doctoral (PhD) Scholarship is available for four years to further our understanding of how beach-dune systems may be utilised as a nature-based solution for coastal protection in the face of climate change impacts on the coast.

The project is a collaboration between the discipline of Geography at NUI Galway and the Climate Action Regional Office Atlantic Seaboard North (CARO ASBN).

The project will examine:
  1. The extent of human pressures and responses to events controlling post-storm recovery pathways, and 
  2. The contributions of physical, biological and human components in the critical zone seaward of the foredune. 
The project will assess post-storm recovery by incorporating humans as a geomorphic agent and will develop a conceptual model of post-storm recovery using ecological, geomorphological and human perspectives. The sites will be located in rural sites that have been severely impacted by recent storms.

The successful candidate will be housed at NUI Galway, within the discipline of Geography under the supervision of Dr Kevin Lynch (Geomorphologist) and Dr Terry Morley (Ecologist). 

Further information can be found HERE or by emailing kevin.lynch@nuigalway with any questions or for clarifications.