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Dublin Metropolitan CARO

Dublin Metropolitan CARO

c/o Dublin City Council

The Dublin Metropolitan CARO supports and coordinates climate action undertaken by the four Local Authorities of  South Dublin, Fingal, Dun Laoghaire‐Rathdown, Dublin City.

The office is funded by the Department of Climate Action, Communication Networks and Transport and is hosted by Dublin City Council as the lead authority with the Region.

While we support and coordinate all actions across both climate mitigation and adaptation the Dublin Metropolitan CARO will have a particular focus on urban pluvial flooding, urban freezing and urban heatwaves and develop knowledge hubs for these primary climate risks.

In addition to this, the aims and objectives of the office are to:
  • Support and coordinate effort by the Local Authorities in this region, public bodies and other stakeholders to deliver climate action at a local level.
  • Raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and equip Local Authorities with the information they need to adapt.
  • Facilitate collaboration and information forums to support Local Authorities, public bodies and stakeholders to share climate change adaptation and mitigation action, research and best practice.
  • Work with the Local Authorities in the region to deliver on the Local Authority Climate Action Charter and promote community and individual action at a local level.
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement and input into climate action policy development and implementation at a local level.
  • Develop a knowledge hub with links to academia, state agencies and relevant stakeholders to capture, share and exchange information on the most significant risks to the region.

Contact the Office:

Dublin Metropolitan CARO
c/o Dublin City Council
Block 1, Floor 6
Civic Offices
Dublin 8