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Economic Opportunities Conference

Economic Opportunities Conference

Date: 27 Mar 2023

Update on speakers and topics

On the 26th April in the Tullamore Court Hotel, the CAROs, in association with the CCMA, are organising the third Climate Action Economic Opportunities conference.  This will give those attending the opportunity to discover how the various local authorities, working through their economic & enterprise remit, are supporting existing and new business to embrace the innovation required for the transition to a net-zero economy.

The brochure for the event that sets out the speakers and topics can be downloaded HERE.

Climate change brings many significant challenges across environmental, political, societal, economic, and technological dimensions. The scale and urgency of the challenges ahead cannot be underestimated, and this global challenge will require fundamental transformations.

The Irish government, along with governments across the world, have worked to tailor policies specifically designed to adapt to the impacts of climate change and mitigate against its causes.  These responses to tackling climate change bring with them unique economic and business opportunities. Conversely, there are increasing demands on businesses to do their part to respond to the threat of climate change based on their influential position within the economy.

Building on the success of the inaugural conference in October 2019, and the online conference in 2021, this event facilitates sharing of the latest research undertaken by the local government sector to explore how local authorities can, through their economic remit, support, encourage and nurture new and existing business and enterprise as they transition to a net-zero

The conference will showcase examples of how businesses are pivoting to capitalise on new opportunities and in doing so are becoming green economy pioneers.

Climate Action Case Studies


For tickets and booking please see our events page HERE.