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Carbon, Climate - What's the Emergeny?

Events Programme

Carbon, Climate - What's the Emergeny?

15 Apr 2021

Event Duration

1.5 hours

Event Description

The first event is on Thursday 15th April between 9.30 -11.00am and is entitled “Carbon, Climate – What’s the Emergency?” 

The following areas being considered for the remaining five events with more information to follow:
  • Planning for transport decarbonisation
  • Meeting statutory carbon budgets
  • Freight and logistics Implications and strategies
  • Public transport futures
  • Investing in a green recovery.
All these Webinar events are free to access with Registration for the first event available HERE


Event Aims/Objectives

“Carbon, Climate – What’s the Emergency?” aims to introduce the Climate Emergency agenda covering:
  • What’s the issue and what do the guidelines say.
  • Approaches and barriers to achieving NET zero.
  • A panel discussion answering your Frequently Asked Questions including
  • Will the pandemic behavioural change help with achieving NET Zero Carbon?
  • Does Offsetting work?
  •  Are electric vehicle the panacea to solve transport emissions?
  •  Are Biodiversity and Climate Change emergencies related?
  •  How much can we change as individuals, organisations and local authorities?
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