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IGBC: Whole Life Carbon Training

Events Programme

IGBC: Whole Life Carbon Training

4 May 2021

Event Duration

10am - 12pm

Event Description

The CO2 emission from constructing and operating our buildings are estimated to contribute around 39% of global CO2 emissions. The embodied carbon in our building materials alone contributes around 11% and may exceed 230 gigatons by 2060*. It is essential that we learn to understand where the hotspots are in the lifecycle of a building in order to address them.

With many building certification schemes requiring carbon and life cycle analysis and increasing requirements for carbon analysis in planning decisions in Europe and around the world, it is important to keep abreast of this changing aspect of our built environment.

IGBC is offering two introductory sessions on whole-life carbon and lifecycle analysis.

Session 1 (Wednesday 4 May, 10-12) will cover
What is whole life carbon assessment?
Why is it important?
When should it be done?
How is it carried out?

Session 2 (Friday 7 May, 10-12) builds on your newly acquired knowledge from Session 1. It introduces some of the free and paid for tools that are available to help you with this emerging field in construction planning and design. We will look at real-world examples and demonstrate the results in simple and meaningful terms.
Session 3 (Friday 14 May, 10-12) Feedback and assessment of the range of tools.

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