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Level 7 Certificate in Environment and Planning Legislation

Events Programme

Level 7 Certificate in Environment and Planning Legislation

7 Oct 2021

Event Duration

7 Days

Target Event Group

The primary target learner are Planners, Scientists (various), Engineers, Administrators and Community and Economic Development staff.

Event Description

A new Level 7 Certificate in Environment and Planning Legislation that has been developed by IT Carlow in collaboration with the Local Authority Services National Training Group, to meet the emerging needs of the Local Authority sector in the implementation of the four EU Environment Directives across its services.

A flyer for the course can be downloaded HERE.

Local Authorities, as competent bodies, have a statutory obligation in the implementation of the SEA Directive, EIA Directive, Habitats Directive and Water Framework Directive through ensuring plans, and public and private projects, have been subject to robust environmental assessment and that they meet all legal and procedural requirements.

While the Directives have been transposed through the Planning and Development Acts, the requirements extend across a range of Local Authority services, from tourism and economic plans, to regeneration projects, to the implementation of the roads programme. As you are aware this is an area which has become very legally complex and where Local Authorities have often been subject to legal challenge. It has become increasingly important for Local Authorities to have staff in place with the skills and competencies to meet their statutory obligations.  This Programme is a response to this identified need in the sector and aims to up-skill planners, scientists, engineers and administrators working on the implementation of these Directives.

Day one (only) of the course is a 1/2 day morning webinar on the 7th of October and is open to all senior staff in the Local Authority sector to attend given the importance of the implementation of EU Environmental Directives in the provision of Local Authority plans and services.

Senior staff can register HERE for the webinar and a Zoom webinar link will be circulated to you directly in advance of the 7th of October.

See for further details.

Event Aims/Objectives

Enhancing the skills-set as set out above under the Aim of Programme, will ensure the proper monitoring, inspections and protection of the environment, as well as the better  integration of environmental issues in the planning, design and delivery of public projects 
within the sector. 

The Programme will expand the knowledge of learners in order to equip them with the requisite knowledge and competencies to effectively operate within a planning, housing, 
roads, community and environment function.

This programme will be delivered using a hybrid approach which is a learner-centred process involving digital, printed, live and recorded class activities and facilitated by IT Carlow’s virtual learning environment Blackboard collaborate. The structured manner will facilitate students in their learning process to reach programme and module learning 
objectives. Learners will also be required to complete project work in order to achieve certification. 

Attendance at each of the topic days and completion of all assessments is mandatory to achieve certification.
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