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Open Data and Climate Change

Events Programme

Open Data and Climate Change

20 Apr 2021

Event Duration

8:30am - 11:00am

Event Description

Open Data has proven to be of critical importance in the fight against climate change. Weather and environmental data is key from a transparency perspective to accurately present facts linked to this challenge at regional, national and international levels.
Open Data provides the opportunity to link data of different formats and sources (including meteorological, environmental - water and air, statistical, agricultural, energy etc) to better inform decision-making and deliver powerful solutions to address climate related issues.
Minister Ossian Smyth will address the Open Data Impact Series event on Climate Change on April 20th. 

National and international speakers will share their insights and experience on:
  • How open data is used to inform climate change policy decisions
  • Presenting powerful datasets in the theme of climate change
  • Demonstrating the power of linking very diverse data to deliver impact in the area of climate change, such as:
    • Weather
    • Environmental data (Air, Water)
    • Sustainable Energy
    • Smart Cities
    • Agriculture / Food

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