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UCD - Changing Climate, Changing Grasslands Webinar

Events Programme

UCD - Changing Climate, Changing Grasslands Webinar

28 Feb 2022

Event Duration

7pm - 8.30pm

Event Description

A webinar on grass-based agriculture in a warmer, wetter Ireland

Climate change will pose considerable challenges for Irish agriculture, as temperatures will rise, extreme weather events will increase in frequency, and new pathogens may appear. However, agriculture is also part of the solution in combating climate change by integrating procedures that enhance carbon fixation and improve crop resilience. In this symposium, we will discuss those issues and potential solutions with academics and industry stakeholders.

Panel members:
Jon Yearsley, UCD
Helen Sheridan, UCD
Liam Brennan, DAFM
Angela Feechan, UCD
Gary Thompson, Nuffield Farming Fellow
Sharon O’Rourke, UCD

Live on YouTube: