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Training Programme

Championing Leadership


Training Duration

Half day

Target Training Group

Local Authority elected members and senior staff, including Chief Executives, Directors of Services, Senior Executive Officers, Senior Engineers/Planners and equivalent.

Course Description

Through four specifically focused modules, this course encourages the target training group to leverage their roles and responsibilities to enable and embed climate action across the diverse range of local authority functions and activities. Participants will gain an understanding of climate change science and its regulatory and policy context linking these with a focus on how to champion their leadership role and influence to support and effect positive climate action at both organisational and community levels.

Course Aims/Objectives

  • Increase and supplement knowledge and understanding of climate change science along with the International and National climate regulatory and policy context and its relevance to the performance of functions of local authorities in the delivery of the national transition objective.
  • Encourage greater awareness of the need to integrate climate action as a fundamental aspect of the existing leadership responsibility assumed by participants.
  • Develop an understanding of the need to work collaboratively across all functions of the local authority to pursue collective and positive local climate action.
  • Equip individuals with the understanding of the opportunities and challenges of integrating climate change considerations into strategic planning, decision making, statutory functions and budgetary processes.
  • Outline the fundamentals of working collectively through leadership to influence positive change at organisational and community levels.